[oshug-announce] OSHUG #27 — Boards (Beautifully Functional Circuits, Little Printer), Thursday 20th June.

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Thu Jun 6 16:01:14 UTC 2013


Registration is now open for the June OSHUG meeting, details of which are below.




Event #27 — Boards (Beautifully Functional Circuits, Little Printer)

Thursday 20th June 2013, 18:00 - 20:00 at Centre for Creative
Collaboration, 16 Acton Street, London, WC1X 9NG.

Sponsored by SolderPad: http://solderpad.com

  Registration: http://oshug.org/event/27

At the twenty-seventh meeting there will be a talk on designing
printed circuit boards that are aesthetically pleasing as well as
functional, and a talk on the design and manufacture of the Little
Printer, and the upcoming BERG Cloud dev board.

- Beautifully Functional Circuits

Circuit design is typically thought of as block-based and purely
functional; it doesn't necessarily have to be. Our inherent creativity
as engineers has been dampened by unimaginative and limiting design
tools, that have forced us to "forget" that functional circuits can,
and should, be beautiful too. This talk will explore these limitations
and how we could do better.

Saar Drimer is an experienced hardware engineer. In the past few years
he's been developing tools for effective and efficient hardware

- Little Printer

In 2012 the design and product company BERG launched Little Printer,
their internet-connected thermal printer that prints its own face. It
was the first consumer product that BERG had made, and went on to be
nominated for the 2013 Designs of the Year by the Design Museum.

In this talk we will explore the project's evolution, from prototype
to mass produced product. The talk will cover the way BERG's design
process works, going to China to organise plastic injection moulding,
passing certification and EMC, and many other practical aspects of
making and selling consumer products that connect online.

The talk will also cover a technical overview of the whole stack that
brings Little Printer to life, the extraction and evolution of the
underlying BERG Cloud platform, and the forthcoming developer kits
that open up the platform to anybody.

Nick Ludlam is CTO at BERG, and is responsible for the collective
software development, from the embedded code running inside Little
Printer, the Ruby/Rails-based cloud architecture, and the use of
Amazon Web Services to scale.

Andy Huntington is Hardware Producer & Designer at BERG and is
responsible for all of BERG's physical hardware, from the electronics
and PCBs to the industrial design and manufacturing of Little Printer
itself. He has a background in music and moved through software into
hardware following an Interaction Design MA at the Royal College of

Note: Please aim to arrive for 18:00 - 18:20 as the event will start
at 18:30 prompt.

  Registration: http://oshug.org/event/27

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