[oshug-announce] OSHUG #32 -- Embedded Scripting, 27th March 2014.

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Registration is now open for the March meeting. Details below.




Event #32 -- Embedded Scripting (Lua, Espruino, Micro Python)

27th March 2014, 17:30 - 20:30 at BCS London, 1st Floor, The Davidson
Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA.

  Registration: http://oshug.org/event/32

The thirty-second OSHUG meeting will take a look at the use of
scripting languages with deeply embedded computing platforms, which
have much more constrained resources than the platforms which were
originally targeted by the languages.

-- Programming a microcontroller with Lua

eLua is a full version of the Lua programming language for
microcontrollers, running on bare metal. Lua provides a modern high
level dynamicaly typed language, with first class functions,
coroutines and an API for interacting with C code, and yet which is
very small and can run in a memory constrained environment. This talk
will cover the Lua language and microcontroller environment, and show
it running on-off-the-shelf ARM Cortex boards as well as the Mizar32,
an open hardware design built especially for eLua.

Justin Cormack is a software developer based in London. He previously
worked at a startup that built LED displays and retains a fondness for
hardware. He organizes the London Lua User Group, which hosts talks on
the Lua programming language.

-- Bringing JavaScript to Microcontrollers

This talk will discuss the benefits and challenges of running a modern
scripting language on microcontrollers with extremely limited
resources. In particular we will take a look at the Espruino
JavaScript interpreter and how it addresses these challenges and
manages to run in less than 8kB of RAM.

Gordon Williams has developed software for companies such as Altera,
Nokia, Microsoft and Lloyds Register, but has been working on the
Espruino JavaScript interpreter for the last 18 months. In his free
time he enjoys making things - from little gadgets to whole cars.

-- Micro Python -- Python for microcontrollers

Microcontrollers have recently become powerful enough to host
high-level scripting languages and run meaningful programs written in
them. In this talk we will explore the software and hardware of the
Micro Python project, an open source implementation of Python 3 which
aims to be as compatible as possible with CPython, whilst still
fitting within the RAM and ROM constraints of a microcontroller. Many
tricks are employed to put as much as possible within ROM, and to use
the least RAM and minimal heap allocations as is feasible. The project
was successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign at the end of 2013,
and the hardware is currently being manufactured at Jaltek Systems UK.

Damien George is a theoretical physicist who likes to write compilers
and build robots in his spare time.

Note: Please aim to by 18:15 as the first talk will start at 18:30 prompt.

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