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Andrew Back andrew at osmosoft.com
Tue May 4 18:56:02 UTC 2010


As Paul suggested there appears to be interest in doing something Arduino
related for June. A few ideas were discussed in the pub last Thursday and my
mental notes for this are along the lines of (corrections and additions are

- Plenty of people doing Arduino intros etc, and so little point in doing
  yet another
- What's interesting about Arduino is why it succeeded - suggested success
  can be largely attributed to community practices etc, and not the tech
- Arduino community has diversity and it continues to grow in this

So, one idea was that we might have someone (ideally close to tinker.it)
talk about the core Arduino approach and perhaps with emphasis on community.
And then have a few other folks talk about derived projects, either from the
perspective of "end user" or project lead or contributor. E.g.:

- LilyPad
- concurrency.cc board

I think there is a really interesting story here concerned with why Arduino
has been so successful, and some valuable lessons for new open source
hardware projects.

As ever we'd also love to hear of any suggestions for alternative themes
that folks may have, either for June or for subsequent months.



PS. Details for the May meeting should be up on the website later this week.

Andrew Back
mailto:andrew at osmosoft.com

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