[oshug] osh dvb-s2 router suggestion

Peter Kämmerling PeterKa at TreeDev.eu
Wed Oct 6 10:34:50 UTC 2010

Am 06.10.2010 um 11:56 schrieb Paul Downey:

> Something which interests me, is how projects such as yours may best
> open up the design artifacts for contributions from others. I guess
> that's predicated on good, open, interchange formats between circuit,
> PCB and other physical designs which is lacking.

I do not know if I understand You right.
You ask about how people could contribute to the technical development?

From my point of view I see very few open, interchangeable formats / tools in the field of electronic CAD.
I already suggested colleagues to do a project into this direction, but I was not able to meet interested people (in my small world).

We can discuss the specs, our »wishlist« for this device. The design phase is very important and for this, we do not need any tools. Only discussion and I will put our agreements into the specs.

So for this dvb-s2 router project, I suggest to discuss the specs, then give the schematic and pcb layout work to a professional company. This will lead to a project folder tree / file set for a commercial not-open CAD tool. But we can publish the schematics, pcb prints, silk prints and docu as pdf-files. And we can be ready to give the whole project to somebody who wants to take care, in case we do not want to go on with it.

During the first weeks of the »professional phase«, there will be a lot of discussions with the company. I could forward important questions and we could discuss them together, then I will respond our agreement to them.

TREE Peter Kämmerling
PeterKa at TreeDev.eu

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