[oshug] osh dvb-s2 router suggestion

Paul Downey paul.downey at whatfettle.com
Wed Oct 6 10:59:04 UTC 2010

Hi Peter!

> I do not know if I understand You right.

Sorry, I was rather terse.

> You ask about how people could contribute to the technical development?

Yes, in software terms, what's the best way to enable people to submit patches?

> 1. From my point of view I see very few open, interchangeable formats / tools in the field of electronic CAD.

This is indeed a problem for Open Source Hardware!

> I already suggested colleagues to do a project into this direction, but I was not able to meet interested people (in my small world).

I'll start to collect design tools people currently use on our wiki
and see if I can make some sense of the landscape.

> 2. We can discuss the specs, our »wishlist« for this device. The design phase is very important and for this, we do not need any tools. Only discussion and I will put our agreements into the specs.

Right, some means of tracking requirements, features, stories, and issues ..

> 3. So for this dvb-s2 router project, I suggest to discuss the specs, then give the schematic and pcb layout work to a professional company. This will lead to a project folder tree / file set for a commercial not-open CAD tool. But we can publish the schematics, pcb prints, silk prints and docu as pdf-files. And we can be ready to give the whole project to somebody who wants to take care, in case we do not want to go on with it.

That's great!

> 4. During the first weeks of the »professional phase«, there will be a lot of discussions with the company. I could forward important questions and we could discuss them together, then I will respond our agreement to them.

It would be interesting for you to record your decision process, say
in a blog, and open that up so people can learn from your project and
contribute advice.

Paul (psd)

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