[oshug] The Opening Up of GSM and blogs.

Andrew Back andrew at osmosoft.com
Sun Oct 31 19:00:23 UTC 2010


I just posted an entry to the OSHUG blog at DesignSpark that may be of


Why at DesignSpark and not at blog.oshug.org? Well, we can have the latter
also if folks think that this would be a good idea and/or would like to
contribute. And if anyone wants to contribute to the DS blog they are
welcome to and can e-mail me off-list.

The rationale for posting to DesignSpark was that this appears to be growing
into a sizeable community of electronic design engineers, and thus may
present a good opportunity for extolling the virtues of open source
approaches to hardware design. 

Getting back to oshug.org, I was thinking about setting up planet.oshug.org
for aggregating member blog posts on OSH. With the hope being that folks can
then more easily contribute and don't have to commit effort to a third party

As ever, I would welcome your thoughts.



Andrew Back
mailto:andrew at osmosoft.com

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