[oshug] TI Chronos eZ430.

Andrew Back arback at computer.org
Thu Aug 18 07:41:46 UTC 2011

On 18 August 2011 08:30, Paul Tanner <paul at virtual-techno.com> wrote:
> Not OSHW but IoT nevertheless.
> Is that price for the whole dev kit or just the watch?

The watch and dongle AFAIK.

> Anyone know if software can be developed and loaded from a Mac OS/X - the
> links say PC?

Not sure about OS X, but would suspect that this is unlikely using the
official SDK. I also gather that it uses some proprietary IDE/compiler
and that unless you pay for it you at most get access to a crippled
(e.g. limited to certain object code size) version. Anyway, there
should be details on the TI site somewhere...

There is a community effort to develop an open source SDK which uses a
compiler without such restrictions, but I'd imagine that it might not
be as fully featured.

Looks as though there is currently no solution to drive one with an
RFM12B module via FSK, but have seen mention of the possibility of
using OOK (ASK).



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