[oshug] Open (Source?) Hardware.

Andrew Back arback at computer.org
Fri Aug 19 06:35:52 UTC 2011


Some of you may also have been following the debate regarding open
hardware vs. open source hardware on the Open Hardware Summit lists
and/or various others. The OHS updates list archives are, for some
reason, private, but Bryan Bishop has kindly been forwarding to Open
Manufacturing. See:


I have personally had some trouble with this debate in the past, and
whilst we ended up being OSHUG and not OHUG, I don't find the argument
that Open Hardware is, e.g. just a device with documented registers,
entirely convincing. Inasmuch as it may have once meant this, but it
has now come to be generally accepted that it is quite something else.

I do agree with a lot of what Bruce Perens has to say... This is not
to say that I think we should drop the "S". I've not completely made
my mind up, and with regards to what we are called I don't think it
matters _that_ much. Bruce does make a good case, though, and I'm
definitely with him on this being a movement and the importance of it
being " a lot of folks going in approximately the same direction".
Which is to say that we don't all have to agree on everything. It
would be a shame if this ended up being another Free Software vs. Open
Source type split, though.

I'm in interested as to what other folks think...



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