[oshug] Bristol Braille Hardware Developments

Edward Rogers monty at umpire.com
Wed Jun 22 22:37:28 UTC 2011

OSHUG members,

We thought it might interest some of you to know what developments are 
occurring within Bristol Braille Technology at the moment.

As was discussed in OSHUG meeting no.10, BBT is seeking to address the 
gaping absence of affordable Braille hardware. We have no grand 
announcement as such, but important steps are being taken nonetheless.

The latest news item can be seen below; but it is worth checking the site 
regularly as there will more than likely be an increased volume of news 
from now on.


Yours Faithfully,

Ed Rogers, Director, BBT Ltd.

ed.rogers at bristolbrailletechnology.com
+44(0)7908 569 214

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