[oshug] sourcing ADK boards

Nigel Worsley niglew at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 24 19:51:11 UTC 2011

>I wondered if anyone here knows where we can get our hands on Android
> ADK boards?
> Are they really still expensive and difficult to find?

Seems that way.
> If so, does anyone know why?

Probably due to supply and demand. They are a specialist item and only a tiny proportion of Android devices
support them ( V2.3.4 and later ).

They could be made for under a tenner, I considered doing this until I realised how rare it is for a phone/tablet to
have a new enough version of Android.

If Google hadn't goofed up the spec and made the Android USB port device mode only then we could plug in our
virtual serial port devices and avoid all this messing around with the peripheral having to be the host and also provide
power to charge the damn thing as well!


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