[oshug] sourcing ADK boards

David Chatting dave_chatting at mac.com
Sat Jun 25 10:40:24 UTC 2011

I haven't this myself, but this looks like a possible route using a standard arduino, a 20 quid host shield (http://www.amazon.co.uk/USB-Host-Shield-for-Arduino/dp/B004TGTPKC) and a non-Nexus 'droid
Also: http://marioboehmer.blogspot.com/2011/05/android-adk-with-standard-arduino-uno.html

I'm very keen to try this out myself soon - in fact I think I'll order the parts now! ;)


On 25 Jun 2011, at 09:23, Paul Downey wrote:

>> Interesting question that caused me to Google around a bit.
>> Looks like the question should include "at a reasonable price"
> Indeed! We joked that there must be a silk-screen layer for each
> colour in the Google logo, but I don't think that's the case.
> Nigel's points about the unusual USB interface and the economics of a
> small number of Androids with the latest version sounds most likely.
> I'd imagine the size of market will change, so was puzzled why we're
> not seeing a flood of cheap clones.
>> I am thinking that a whole OSHUG session is needed for this, including input
>> from someone who's created a ADK setup with alternative hardware at a
>> reasonable cost.  Do we know anyone?
> heh, I asked this question in preparation for talking to Android
> people at Google about the ADK on behalf of OSHUG, and our proposed
> OSHcamp in October. I'll report back on both as soon as I know more!
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