[oshug] [Open Manufacturing] Fwd: Open hardware anemometer

christopher west chris.pn.west at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 18:07:17 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-06-25 at 10:32 -0700, Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> KiCad is quite capable. It's used in the qi-hardware group 
> where Werner Almsberger has added a nice footprint editor. 

That's good to know, I've just done some schematic capture in it and I
haven't used any of the artwork layout side.

> Lua is a good language. I don't think you'll go wrong
> with C however. The entire Arduino universe is
> a pretty good existence proof that C is palatable. We;ll,
> they have some libraries that make things easier.

I've done a bit of development is C so I'm just sticking with what I
I'll have to take a look at what Arduino have done and see if it would
be easy to incorporate some of there ideas.

> As to your approach to measure wind speed, it is a clever
> idea, but the old fashioned way is pretty easy. 

I would love to lay claim to this idea but there are a few commercial
systems that calculate wind speed this way. 
As for doing the old fashioned way I must admit that I need something a
little different to keep my interest up when it invertible hits a wall.

Chris W

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