[oshug] [Open Manufacturing] Fwd: Open hardware anemometer

Nigel Worsley niglew at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 27 19:19:46 UTC 2011

> One of my far fetched add-ons to this project was to make them wireless
> and create a mesh network so multiple units could be put on a site and
> give weather profiles to be used in micro weather forecasting.

Mesh networks are complicated, and tend to consume much more power than a simple
remote device to central controller approach. This would be a problem if the remote
devices were battery operated, but the ultrasonic circuitry may preclude that anyway.

I have just received some cheap RF modules to experiment with, the high power version
claims to be capable of 1000M line of sight and costs about £12, that should be more than
enough range. When my bus pirate arrives from China I will see how good they actually are!


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