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Edward Rogers monty at umpire.com
Tue May 3 18:42:53 UTC 2011

> Subject: [oshug] [OT] Question
> Hello friends:
>     I need help for buying a new laptop or net book with Linux or at
> least with hardware that Linux can recognize without problems. I don't
> mind if it is slow, I just want a cheap laptop that I can use for many
> years. I hope you can give me a way to discriminate those machines built
> for big corporations who only care about selling and not giving a nice
> product to people. Cheers,
>              LAMG

I'd second the suggestion of a Think-pad. I think the X40's are about 
GBP100 on ebay, X60 closer to GBP150 (if you shop about). Getting it from 
a reputable local dealer (such as, in Bristol, Compuwave. I saw those 
exact two models in their window this morning) would add about GBP60 to 

Ed Rogers

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