[oshug] Looking for OSH blogger

Rupert Goodwins rupertg at gmail.com
Mon May 16 14:54:14 UTC 2011

Hi, all

I'm looking for someone who can blog regularly (2-ish times a week) on ZDNet
UK on the subject of open source hardware. The idea is to report on
developments, projects, what you're up to... anything that may be of
interest to our general (geeky, IT-focussed, hack-minded) readership. I hope
to spread the word about OSH, really, and to be a starting point for those
who are so minded.

Also, it's just cool.

There's a bit of money involved, after a trial period, which should keep you
in solder and 555 timers.

Drop me a note if you fancy it, or if you could suggest someone I should
talk to.


Rupert, ed, ZDNet UK
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