[oshug] Parallella: spare chips

Jason Flynn G7OCD flynnjs at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 30 14:53:02 UTC 2012

On 30/10/2012 08:25, Andrew Back wrote:
> The Adapteva website says these are "324-ball 15x15mm flip-chip BGA"
> [1] but doesn't mention the pitch? Perhaps it's implicit — my
> knowledge of BGA devices goes as far as appreciating that they are
> difficult for hobbyists to work with. 

I wouldn't be put off this. There are many back-street
workshops that routinely remove, re-ball and resolder
BGAs on laptop motherboards, without damaging any of
the adjacent devices. Worst case, you could employ one
of these.
PCB manufacturing houses often do assembly, the board
house I use would cost you about £20 each to put 8
devices down professionally.
I have a SMD preheater and hot air rig which I do QFN
and small BGA in the "shack" at the bottom of the
garden, so I follow the "get on an solder it" brigade.

As for testing, I would stick with a JTAG boundary
scan (what it was designed for) rathet than x-raying
as x-rays can damage certain technologies.


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