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Wed Oct 31 21:29:44 UTC 2012

Hi Jason

I am not sure that you are using their online assembly quoting tool in
the way they envisage, it is designed for complete board assembly and
they make their money by the number of components, all of which have
to be supplied in PnP ready packaging except Rs and Cs which they give
you for free from their own reels (its cheaper for them to do so)
because the assembly charge for each is a magnitude more than their

Their terms basically indicate they reserve the right to charge what
they like if the assembly requirements are unusual, so you might want
to get that quote in writing ;-)

In my experience these sort of individual difficult package placements
(as opposed to complete board assemblies) are more expensive, cheapest
I have seen for this sort of placement in the past is about £40 + vat
per chip.

"There are many back-street
workshops that routinely remove, re-ball and resolder
BGAs on laptop motherboards, without damaging any of
the adjacent devices. Worst case, you could employ one
of these."

This sounds like 'shenzhen' talk to me, certainly in the U.K. these
sorts of workshops are not prevalent, most that operate on these sorts
of chips charge for their skills at market value (unless you can pull
in some favours) . I also would recommend with give these chips the
respect they deserve when it comes to both design and assembly as they
are as common as 'rocking horse sh*t'.

Omer the Canterbury ideas an excellent one.

The more important question however is what sort of boards do we
actually want to make with these chips, its a far more interesting


As for

On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 6:12 PM, Jason Flynn G7OCD <flynnjs at yahoo.com> wrote:
> On 31/10/2012 15:45, Omer Kilic wrote:
>> That is a cracking deal, would you mind sharing the details
>> of that board house, off the list if you'd prefer?
> Sure. I've previously used PCBTrain.
> http://www.pcbtrain.co.uk/quote.php?set=assembly
> The online calculator shows £126 ex VAT & P&P for
> 8 assemblies with 1 BGA on each on 15 day turnaround.
> I'm not affiliated with PCBTrain but they've been
> reasonably reliable for me (although I did have a
> couple of unpopulated PCBs with microscopic short
> circuit that I needed to sever).
> I'm sure there are others out there which would
> do the job too but I've not seen many assembly
> houses that state anything other then "contact us
> for a quote" so please look around too.
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