[oshug] Help - Newbie

Plug Gulp plug.gulp at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 03:15:42 UTC 2013

Hello All,

I am an Software Engineer. I am comfortable with device drivers,
low-level embedded software frameworks etc using C/C++. I am trying to
learn the lower level stack of system development i.e. SoC
development, so please forgive if the questions and the goal sounds

How and where do I start to achieve the following? What learning
approach do you recommend? My goal is as follows:

1. Use the IPs available on opencores.org.
2. Integrate the IPs to create a simple SoC.
3. Add features (as a learning exercise) to the IPs in the SoC.
4. Create a Linux or OpenBSD BSP for the SoC.
5. Get the OS to boot upto the terminal.
6. Port DirectFB to the platform.

In short, I want to develop a platform that will have 32bit or 64bit
processor at atleast 800Mz, HDMI, WiFi, Eth, SD card, USB and atleast
256MB RAM support.

To achieve the above, what hardware (and software) will I need and
where to purchase it? This is my hobby project hence my budget is
£50-£60. Is it possible to get all the stuff required to achieve the
above in that price range?

Thanks and regards,


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