[oshug] OSHUG #31 - 20th Feb.

Andrew Back arback at computer.org
Mon Jan 6 10:25:05 UTC 2014

On 6 January 2014 10:18, Chris Swan <chris.swan at iee.org> wrote:
> How about this?
> Title: Security protocols in constrained environments
> Abstract: implementation of security protocols such as TLS, SSH or IPsec
> come with a memory and compute overhead. Whilst this has become negligible
> in full scale environments it's still a real issue for hobbyist and embedded
> developers. This presentation will look at the sources of the overheads,
> what can be done to minimise them, and what sort of hardware platforms can
> be made to absorb them. The benefits and potential pitfalls of hardware
> specific implementations will also be examined.
> Bio: Chris Swan is CTO at CohesiveFT where he helps build secure cloud based
> networks. He's previously been a security guy at large Swiss banks, and
> before that was a Weapon Engineering Officer in the Royal Navy. Chris has
> tinkered with electronics since pre school, and these days has a desk
> littered with various dev boards and projects.

Perfect, many thanks!

Just waiting for a few more details to come in and then I'll get the
event page set up.



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