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Thu Oct 16 14:39:32 UTC 2014


I Studied technical High school in Granada Nicaragua, the digital divide is
still today with all the internet very big because of the purchasing power
hence access to technology even cheap stuff we could consider cheap and
accessible like Arduino and RPi.

I want to donate some Arduino to my old school I looking for help on things
like boards, accessories (sensors, motors...), and internet access(monthly

Does anyone have any experience running things like this? I'd like some
advise on how to approach and find potential helpers.

Im thinking

50 boards
1000£ in accessories
 Some way of sorting the internet maybe ask ISP for help?

I'm also considering crowd funding and things like that.

I live in London, so at the moment I'm looking for interested and
trust-able people in the country itself.

Looking for some expertise. xD

Kind regards.

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