[oshug] February meeting theme/talks?

Andrew Back andrew at abopen.com
Thu Dec 15 15:01:07 UTC 2016

On 14/12/16 14:21, Paul Tanner wrote:

> Hi Andrew,
> I was thinking it would be good to have lightening talks on FPGA
> projects, existing and envisaged.

Of course, yes.

OK, so who would like to give a talk in February on one of:

* something I made with an FPGA

* something I want to make with an FPGA

* how you could make something with an FPGA

The last is more fluid and idea being to give insight into how easy or
hard tackling a certain project might be, steps involved and so on.

More, shorter talks could be good. E.g. 5-15 minutes each in duration.



Andrew Back

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