[oshug] Boldport Club, PCBmodE, and OSHW

Saar Drimer saar at boldport.com
Sun Jan 31 21:51:57 UTC 2016

Hello OSHUG friends,

Recently I've launched a new service that I'm really excited about.
It's called the Boldport Club. When you become a member you get a
monthly delivery of 'electronics goodness' projects that we designed


Most of you know that I specialise in circuits that emphasize
usability and that have unique visuals. I do this with PCBmodE, an
open source software that I've written specifically for this purpose


Unless a client is unwilling, all of the boards that I design are also
open source. This means that by signing up to the Boldport Club,
you're not only getting unique items, you are also supporting the
further development of PCBmodE.

If Jeremy hasn't already shown it to you (HA!), this is a board that
he commissioned from Boldport last year through Embecosm


Another project I'm quite proud of is Haute Circuits, which appeared
in the December issue of Marie Claire magazine US


If you sign up to the Boldport Club or don't, please provide me with
feedback so that I can learn how to go about it better.

Many thanks and have a great week ahead,

Dr Saar Drimer
Electronics craftsman and founder at Boldport

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