[oshug] BCS OSSG/OSHUG meeting 6pm 20 Oct: Extra Talk

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Hi all,

In addition to our four talks on the Light Theremin, Silicon Chip
Design for the Masses, The Algorithm Visualizer and the MyStorm FPGA
board, we have an extra talk this coming Thursday.

Nick Pelling (who older members will remember as Orlando M Pilchard)
will give a lightning talk on "Open Source Research" linked to his
recently announced KickStarter project.


Nick Pelling is programmer by day. By night he conducts open source
research on his blog http://ciphermysteries.com/.  He uses the blog to
summarize what he finds, to post transcriptions and translations of
sources, and to actively invite comments and corrections from readers
(the blog has just passed 2 million hits and 19000 comments).

He recently launch a KickStarter project to fund a documentary about
his open source research into pirate treasure on Mauritius
In this lightning talk he'll introduce the concept of open source
research and how it drives his KickStarter project.


Nick Pelling is a British-born computer programmer and inventor, best
known for a series of 1980s video games for the BBC Micro and
Commodore 64 programmed under the pen name Orlando M. Pilchard or
simply Orlando, and released under the company title Aardvark Software.

Nick has a degree in Maths and Philosophy from Manchester University
and an MBA with Distinction from Kingston University.

Registration is free as always, but sign up soon, so I order the right
amount of food and drink!


See you there.


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