[oshug] OSHCamp 11th talk added and accommodation.

Andrew Back andrew at abopen.com
Sun Aug 13 20:05:21 UTC 2017

Hi All,

An 11th talk has been added to the programme for Open Source Hardware
Camp on Sat 2nd September, entitled Conservatory and Garden Automation.
Details of which can be found below.

If you haven't registered yet, you can find full programme details and
the Eventbrite link at:


Finally, the Cross Inn at Heptonstall now have rooms and so if you
haven't booked accommodation yet, it's worth checking out.


  01422 846607

They said they will give a £10 discount to people booking for Wuthering
Bytes events. It's also the venue for the OSHCamp social this year and
so particularly handy if you plan to attend this.




— Conservatory and Garden Automation

Rod will talk about his recent conservatory project where he grows
exotic plants, and how he has used Arduino to automate the heating,
cooling & ventilation, humidification and irrigation, and how a Windows
PC is used as the user interface to provide monitoring, set-point
adjustment, calibration and data logging. The brief introduction
explains how he came to choose Arduino as his preferred microcontroller,
while a background picture show takes you through the construction and
planting phases of the conservatory. He then goes on to talk about:

    Cooling and ventilation by pneumatic control of the windows
    Choice of all hardware, actuators, solenoid valves, relay boards,
power supplies etc.
    Choice of sensors for temperature, humidity and water flow
    EMI testing, analogue R.C filtering and digital filtering of the
analogue inputs from the sensors
    The design of a capacitance probe for measuring both pond water
level and soil moisture level

* Rod Moody worked as an electrical engineer in the manufacturing
industry primarily building diesel-engine driven electrical generators
ranging from a few kW to a few MW for both base load and standby
applications. At 15 years of age he started an electrical engineering
apprenticeship and through day release and night class gained an HNC in
electrical engineering. At the age of 19 he was the companies test
department manager, this soon led to many trips around the world to
provide commissioning, trouble shooting and training. In his
mid-twenties he moved into R&D and designed many control systems using
relay logic. As technology advanced, and as a self-taught electronics
engineer, he designed complex control systems using CMOS logic. In his
thirties he was promoted to the company's engineering director. He
retired at the age of 60, some 17 years ago.

Andrew Back

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